Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to Legion Works Games (dot) com!

New Website

Kept you waiting, huh? We're still working on games, we're still moving towards our dreams, and now we're ready to unveil our new website that we'll be keeping updated with our new games big and small. We'll be linking to our new posts on our various social media, and providing extra information to Patrons specifically through updates and on our Patreon-only Discord. Let Lina know if anything's awry on the site and she'll sic Brett on it ASAP.

What We've Been Up To

Since our last major update, which was a whiiiiile ago, we participated in the Global Game Jam and have been finalizing assets on Theseus while also starting on our new RPG set in the Luft universe- Luft: The Gaean Story. It's a retelling of our mobile game (which is still in Games, and is still available for Android, and still very good) but with the fleshed out story and characters we wanted to include in the original. We're hoping for it to be our biggest and best project yet, and we're hoping to be able to bring it to a convention or two along the way. 

What's Next

More frequent updates are coming, even if they're just conversation about what we're doing, or have done, or we want to discuss something related to game design that we think is cool. Be on the lookout for more content from Legion Works!

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