Luft: The Gaean Story Presskit


Luft: The Gaean Story is an RPG where you take the role of Katrina and her allies as they solve the mysteries of Gaea and try to return home. You control your party from an overhead view and when you come into contact with an enemy on the overworld map, combat begins. Combat takes place in a traditional turn-based style with action commands that allow you to hit harder with timed button presses.


This game is currently in development.


  • Crafting and cooking systems

  • A myriad of side-quests and interesting characters to experience

  • A unique spell-casting system utilizing the Luft mechanic

  • Customize your characters to your liking using item slots and distributing skill points on level up

  • Complete each character’s personal story to earn more equipment and abilities

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Brett Maxwell
CEO, Producer, Developer

Lina Claire
Programmer, Designer

Miles Cowles

Jacob Cline
Music, Sound Effects

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