Towel Quest

It's Halloween but I'm too upset to celebrate. My lucky towel has gone missing! It was taken by a weird man with a bag on his head. He fled into the hedge maze that my uncle, who I inherited this mansion from, warned me to never go into. Sorry uncle, but I need that towel more than I need air. 

The download version is still our original six hour jam. We will add the Windows and Mac builds shortly. 

movement: WASD
Continue dialogue: Space or Enter
Use wand once obtained: Space

Known Issues

  • Being to close to the gargoyle will cause reflected fireballs not to hit. 
  • Near the end the hedges have some clipping issues and you can go through them.
  • Pom wolves can get stuck on the environment and stop patrolling. 

Made by Legion Works and Gerrad Gentzel.