Theseus: Rogue Crisis

The player is an AI on a spaceship who has forgotten its purpose. The game starts in a room shaped like an elongated hexagon. The view is from the top with an angle showing some perspective into a room full of electronics with a clean look. There is a monitor on the upper wall with a humanoid skeleton leaning against it. Next to the monitor is a cylindrical container. A door can be seen on each of the six walls but only one is unlocked. The container opens to reveal a robot the player can control with twin sticks that move and rotate facing freely.

If the player checks the monitor it reveals empty slots for six robots. As the player make their way into the adjoining room through the open door the game begins to randomly generate a labyrinth of hexagonal room with the same shape as the first, but with differing obstacles. Enemies can spawn and as the player destroys them they can take the dropped parts and replace them with their own to increase their skills or change weapon types. Within the first room the player will get a part that is revealed to be a key to unlocking the other doors. Once they have found six of seven pieces of a set a boss room will appear and the player has to beat him to get the last piece of the set from him. This will allow them to progress to the next area from the hub and leaves the player the ability to select the new loadout from the monitor.

If the player dies they will enter a screen where they can apply experience they have earned to upgrade skills that they find useful from a branching skill tree. After exiting the screen a new robot is generated in the first room from the cylinder container it is the same basic unit you start with as all picked up parts are lost. Whenever the hub is visited either from traveling back, completing an area or dieing progress in any of the six dungeons is lost and all rooms will respawn randomly.