Luft Onward and Upward Presskit


Luft is a climbing game based around getting the character to survive to the top of the level. There are different traps and enemies to avoid. Collecting gems within the levels unlocks more characters to play as. Those characters have their own abilities and can make getting to some gems easier. The unique controls are tricky to get used to but the game offers a challenge and each character you unlock adds more to master.


This game took eight months to develop. In that time we ran a kickstarter to get initial funding and started to build intrest on social media.


  • The game has unique controls that offer a challenge to players.
  • Collecting the gems scattered through the stages will unlock new characters.
  • The additional characters each have their own special ability such as double jumping or attacking adding additional game-play mechanics to learn and master.
  • High Score: Completing courses in succession without getting a game over will allow points to carry over, and the faster a level is completed the more bonus points will be received.
  • Completionist: Collect all the gems as you play through each level with different characters to find the ones only they can reach.
  • Assist Mode: If you are wanting a more casual play without the fear of falling into poisonous gas you can turn it off in assist mode from the options menu.


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Brett Maxwell
CEO, Producer, Developer

Cody Berry
Programmer, Designer

Miles Cowles

Jacob Cline
Music, Sound Effects

Release Data

28 March, 2018


USD $2.99